Saturday, August 23, 2014

Collection purchased

I made a significant purchase someone I know was looking at changing his collection goals and was selling everything else.  I know he has been collecting autographs for over thirty years mostly minor leagues and AA baseball in Harrisburg. So he offered a few other friend to look through them a pull what they wanted. I took all that was remaining total was about 4,000 autographed cards starting in the mid 70's to mid 2000 mostly 1990 cards.  There were a few 8x10's and about 50 company certified cards along with some miscellaneous items.  All in all it was a good price and alot of cards/players I had not gotten so worked out well.  There are some doubles so those will be available for trades.

Herb Adderley Trey Beamon & Musa Smith Auto's

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