Saturday, June 21, 2014

Scott Stapp Lancaster, PA 6/20/2014

Scott Stapp Band Lancaster, PA June 20, 2014
I went to the show last night in Lancaster it was a great show a good mix of solo songs and Creed about 50/50.  Went on at 10 PM and played an hour and a half a total of 16 songs set-list below.  Was kinda disappointing on the autograph side was able to get a set-list and get 4 or 5 to autograph and the no was Scott Stapp.  Also get autographs of the opening act who were from Australia Monks of Mellonwah and a pick from the 1st band Whiskey Demon from Reading PA.

Andy Wood @ Lancaster, PA

Chad Szeliga @ Lancaster, PA
Travis Comer @ Lancaster, PA

Andy Waldeck @ Lancaster, PA

Scott Stapp @ Lancaster, PA

Scott Stapp @ Lancaster, PA


  1. The last time I saw him Creed played the Bryce Jordan center. I vowed never to see him again. He was stone cold drunk and half way through the show he just walked right out. They blamed it on an electrical issue which was a complete bs lie. Rest of the band was great but he was being a dick the rest of the show and the crowd let him knew it. I hope he has his act cleaned up since then and that was back in 2002.

    1. He put on a great show seemed to clean and sober at least for the show. But I can see why he is solo he is in control and can do the what he wants with career. The other guys are doing alright with out him Alter Bridge...... clearly with him preaching his views on stage that can get old for rest of the band so what do they call it "creative differences" so no more Creed.