Monday, February 3, 2014

Orioles Fanfest Part 2

I usually check out the memorabilia for sale room but jersey's for $200 I just wasn't feeling those.
But I usually get some grab bag 8 x 10 photo's there $10/each and you have no idea who your getting the last 2 years I got 2 one no name and one Wieters both years so was worth it.  This year I saw they were selling Signed 8 x 10's of former players looked like from about 2009 so 5 years ago each one was $1 so for a buck a piece I picked up 18 different and instead of getting 2 grab bags as in the past I got 1 so 19 8 x 10's for $28. Here is who I got.
1) Matt Albers
2) Robert Andino
3) Danys Baez
4) Brian Bass
5) Ryan Freel
6) David Hernandez
7) Rich Hill
8) Aubrey Huff
9) Aubrey Huff
10) Lou Montanez
11) Chad Moeller
12) Chris Ray
13) Dennis Sarfate
14) Dennis Sarfate
15) George Sherrill
16) Jaime Walker
17) Jaime Walker
18) Greg Zaun
19) Chris Tillman W/Certificate (Grab Bag)

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