Saturday, January 25, 2014

Trade Part 2

I was thinking about how to describe this trade and write it up my friend had a ton of 90's hockey cards that he had that he didn't want or need think these are all doubles we use to go to Hershey Bears games often back then and did a ton of autographing so I know these are the real deal so I picked through the box and came up with 160 cards that I didn't have so he said take that was about a year ago so I made it a point to make sure we completed and came up with a deal for these I had them sitting in a box awaiting finalization wound up costing me a few 8 x 10's and a signed magazine cover. Then I was thinking do I really want to list all 160 cards and figured no but I will put the 10 pictures 16 cards so you can see them.

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