Saturday, December 28, 2013

Box and Pack opening

Here are some of the cards from the box and the packs from the This or That post of the other day.  My son got me the box of 2013 Football but I decided to trade it in on an assortment of packs and a box to rip open instead was hoping for autographs but didn't hit any of those.
Rookies from 2013 Prestige Rack Pack
Mike Glennon Crusade & Danny Amendola Longevity Rookies & Stars Rack Pack
Laurinatis Mini, Wallace Pink /399, Palmer 4,000 Yards, Marshall 1,000, Watt Future Legends & Boldin insert from 2013 Topps Rack Pack

Cordarrelle Patterson Jersey, DeAndre Hopkins Hogg, Brice Butler & Arian Foster Red Spectrums 2013 Absolute Box, Pack & Rack Pack
As you can see no major pulls from any of them best card I think is the Patterson Jersey.

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