Friday, November 29, 2013

"Tomlin Tackle"

"Tomlin Tackle"

I was at the game last night a tough as usual 22-20 WIN! by the Ravens as always these games are never easy it doesn't matter if the teams are good or bad it's ALWAYS close.  But what the well respected head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers did last was just flat out bush league and his B.S. answer to it after the game was even worse that he lost track of where he was?????? In my opinion the Ravens should be asking the league for a minimum of a one game suspension and a heavy fine. As a side note the official who ran between the bench and had Tomlin to his field side and didn't throw the flag also needs to miss a game. Just glad that the 2 point conversion wasn't good and we got the win or this would be huge not just for this game but the division and the final playoff spot.

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