Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hall of Fame on Sunday 8/4/2013

Autographs from the Hall of Fame
We were going to go to the Dolphins - Cowboys game but we waited and it was sold out by the time we made the decision we checked in with a couple scalpers but prices were 2 1/2 face so we decided not to go to the game and just go autograph hunting at the hotel and then get some pizza's ans beers and watch the game since it was on NBC.  Was a long day of just sitting and standing around but we did pretty well I got 9 people and a total of 17 autographs.  Here is the list of what I got done
1) Jimmie Johnson - 3x5 & 2 Cards.
2) Billy Shaw - 2 Cards.
3) Chris Berman - a Card.
4) Dave Wilcox - 2 Cards.
5) Curtis Martin - a Card.
6) Gale Sayers - 2 Cards.
7) Jim Kelly - 2 Cards.
8) Jan Stenerud - 2 Cards.
9) Joe Delamielleure - 2 Cards.
Gale Sayers Signing @ Hotel

Jan Stenerud Signing @ Hotel

Curtis Martin Signing @ Hotel


  1. Nice job, Dion!! Maybe someday day I can catch up with you on a road trip!!

    1. Todd, Are you going Friday and Saturday to Westminster or just Sat. Let me know