Thursday, November 15, 2012

9th Annual Mike Scioscia Golf Tournament

With Fernando Valenzuela

With Matt Scioscia

On monday I was at the tournament was a great time weather could have been a little better was about 70 degrees and very windy at times towards the end of the round the wind laid down a bit, we ended up @ -3 which wasn't anywhere near the top group with -17 winning the tourney.  I was able to get a few autographs before or after the tournament here is who I got.
1) Ron Roenicke - 4 Cards.
2) Mickey Hatcher - 6 Cards.
3) Jon Garland - 4 Cards.
4) Fernando Valenzuela - a Card.
5) Chris Parmelee - 2 Cards.
6) Mike Scioscia - 9 Cards & Tournament picture frame.
7) Matt Scioscia - 3 3x5's.
8) Lance Roenicke - 3x5.
9) Neil Giraldo (Guitarist) - 3x5. 
10) Moe Petrus - 3x5.
There was a few other celebs but did not get them. Rick Dempsey but didn't have anything for him, Bill Engvall talked with him before golf but didn't see him after, Mark Gubicza was on phone after then left, Aaron Rowand got sick during the round and never saw him.

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