Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Darkest Days, Otherwise & Surrender the Fall

I went to Rams head live in Baltimore lastnight for the concert was a good wasn't going to do any autos so I didn't bring anything but all the bands were really cool and all members of all the bands came back into the venue after there sets to meet people sign stuff and oh ya sell some merchandise! Here is what I got signed.
My Darkest Days:
1) Matt Walst - Set-List from show & Ticket Stub.
2) Sal Coz Costa - Set-List from show & Ticket Stub.
3) Brendan McMillan - Set-List from show & Ticket Stub.
4) Doug Oliver - Set-list from show & Ticket Stub.
5) Reid Henry - Set-List from show & Ticket Stub.
Also, got a My Darkest Days condom from before "Casual Sex".
1) Adrian Patrick - CD, CD Booklet & 8x10.
2) Ryan Patrick - CD, CD Booklet & 8x10.
3) Vassilios "V" Metropoulos - CD, CD Booklet & 8x10.
4) Corky Gainsford - CD, CD Booklet & 8x10.
Surrender ths Fall:
1) Jared Cole - CD Booklet.
2) Eddie Tyre - CD Booklet.
3) Anthony Pitts - CD Booklet & A pick (unsigned).
4) Devin Hightower - CD Booklet
5) Ed Harris - CD Booklet & Drum Stick (From Show).

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