Saturday, August 11, 2012

Card show purchases

I went a local card show today not really looking for anything maybe some supplies and maybe some new raven cards to get signed but wasn't much of that, there was a new dealer I hadn't seen before and had a $1 box that I dug though and found 7 autographed cards and a #'d Tandon Doss card. He also had some of the golf SP signature shots which I found he had a Lorena Ochoa when he said $10 bucks I said sold so not bad 8 auto's for $17 total. Here are the details.
1) Lorena Ochoa - 2004 SP Signture shots # LO.
2) Ian Johnson - 2009 Topps College letter patch #LAP-IJ #'d 125/150.
3) Brandon Guyer 2011 Topps Tier One On The Rise #OR-BG #'d 594/999.
4) Carlos Peguero 2011 Topps Tier One On The Rise #OR-CP #'d 731/999.
5) Eric Sogard 2011 Topps Tier One On The Rise #OR-ES #'d 325/999.
6) Allen Webster 2010 Bowman Platinum Refractor # BPA-AWE.
7) 2008 Donruss Diamond King Matt McBride #DK-3 #'d 365/500.
8) 2003 Donruss The Rookies Josh Hall #9 #'d 0599/1000.


  1. $10 for the Ochoa is a steal... that girl was amazing during her brief career.

  2. Yes, a great deal on the Future Hall of Famer!