Sunday, April 8, 2012

Harrisburg Stampede vs. Maryland Reapers 4/7/2012

I went to the game last night just to take in an indoor football game and wasn't thinking about autographs at all forgetting that Marques Colston is Co-owner of Harrisburg. Long story short Colston is in attendence for the opening game of the season and I have nothing for him but My son and I both got him on the back of a team schedule (Business card) also as part of the package I purchased was an AIF game ball so at half time got him to sign that to looks nice black sharpie on a red panel of the red, white & blue ball. Then walking around at half time found that LeSean McCoy and my son and I also got him to sign the back of schedules. So not bad go to a indoor football game and come away with two NFL pro bowlers.

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