Friday, October 28, 2011

Queensryche @ Chameleon Club

I went to see Queensryche at a club in Lancaster PA. It was a great show there 30th anniversary tour played for an hour and a half and played songs from there whole career. I hung out after the show for autographs which made it a late night but it was worth it all the guys were cool and signed except for Geoff Tate who came out last and was on the phone doing a interview in Europe as we were told by the guy with him, so we followed him to the bus hoping the call would end but it did not and he got on the bus. The guy that we were talk to that was with did come back out and said pick one item and he would take it on and get it signed. So in the end I did get all five members, along with a couple of picks one from Eddie Jackson and one from Michael Wilton here is the break-down of the autos.
1) Geoff Tate - 8x10.
2) Parker Lundgren - 8x10.
3) Michael Wilton - 8x10, 2 Albums, 3 CD booklets & Live Crime Book
4) Eddie Jackson - 8x10, 2 Albums, 4 CD booklets, DVD Box & Live Crime Book
5) Scott Rockenfield - 8x10, 2 Albums, 3 CD booklets & Live Crime Book

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