Saturday, June 11, 2011

E A G L E S @ Rockvale outlet

This morninig I went to the annual event at the Rockvale Outlet Stores @ the Eagles Endzone store they usually have current players but this year with the "Lockout" I'm guessing they could only get retired players which I think kept the crowd down which was fine with me. The former players were Tra Thomas signed noon-1pm and Jeremiah Trotter & Kenny Jackson signed from 1-2pm they also had 4 cheerleaders and Swoop the mascot. Here is what I got autographed:

1) Tra Thomas - 8x10 and team photo.

2) Jeremiah Trotter - Sports Ill. Cover & 4 Cards.

3) Kenny Jackson - 3 Cards.

4) Swoop - Postcard.

5) Danielle - 2 Postcards.

6) Jackie - 2 Postcards.

7) Paige - a Postcard.

8) Jaimelee - 8 1/2x11 picture.

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