Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Matt Wieters Trade

I received this Matt Wieters team postcard in a trade today. the trade was with Austin, Hey man it took a while and the package got caught in some machinery at the post office in Baltimore it showed up all ripped up in a plastic bag with a nice note saying basically that shit happens and they try to not have it happen but.......... hey I got it and the 4 corners are a little dinged but after seeing the envelope all ripped up i'm glad it's in as good of condition that it is.


  1. Hey Dion, I'll carry a extra Wieters post card with me at games and if I see you I'll give you a better one.

  2. hey man no problem I straightened the corners out it's actually in good condition considering the way it arrived. I thought it was going to be trash but I guess the plastic took most of the damage.