Thursday, March 31, 2011

NatFest 2011

I was hoping for a great autographing day at NatsFest had gone last year and did well on getting autos. But with that being said it was completly different in structure from last year so you never know, I was optimistic since the website said there would be a 50 minute on-field Meet and Greet after an 1 hour 45 minute practice so figured it would be worth the $10 and half day vacation along with the 2 hour drive. I couldn't have been more wrong first off it rained and the practice was cancelled about 5 minutes into it leaving a huge whole in the activities and nothing planned by the Nationals to replace it if the practice was cancelled. with the rain the moved the meet and greet to the concourse great until it said that the plaers will not sign autographs!!! along with that there was no Ryan Zimmerman, No Stephen Strausburg, No Bryce Harper, No Jayson Werth?????? in the meet and greet. so this was THE worst event I've have been to set-up by a team it was totally useless it felt like it was a rum thru for the staff with only a couple thousand people in the stadium instead of 45,000 like on opening day. needless to say if it is the same next year I will not be going. I did manage to get some autos of people that were either walking around or in Q & A's or there for there own reason and had nothing to do with the Nationals. here is who I got:

1) Lavar Arrington - 2 Cards was there doing a radio show.

2) David Gregory - 3x5 card. From Meet the Press. Waiting for elevator.

3) Drew Storen - 2 Cards. In rain as leaving field.

4) Bob Boone - 3 Cards. @ Q&A.

5) Bob Carpentar - 3x5 card. MASN. Walking thru Club Level.

6) John Mclaren - 3x5 card. Before Q&A.

7) Cole Kimball - NatsFest Ticket Stub. @ Q&A.

8) John Lannan - Card. While waiting for elevator.

9) Todd Coffey - Card. @ Q&A.

10) Jerry Hairston Jr. - 2 Cards. Walking to a photo session.

11) Bo Porter - Card. Before Q&A.

12) F.P. Santangelo - 3 Cards. @ Q&A.

13) Dan Radison - Card. Before a Q&A.

So a total of 20 autos from 13 different people and as you can see from the listing not much quality and they were mostly by hustling and chance meetings no sitdown auto session. If there not going to do autographs why have the fanfest. There where so other activities but you had to either pay for them, be a kid or be a season ticket holder. it was just not a fun and entertaining event like it should be.

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