Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hinder and Seether @ The York Fair 9/15/2010

I went to the fairgrounds before the concert to try to get autographs of Hinder and Seether I did get Hinder all five members everyone in the band was out walking around behind the stage around there tour buses for a couple hours before the show and again where out taking pictures with people and signing everything after the show Hinder could not have been more fan friendly!! As for Seether I saw Shaun Morgan getting onto the tour bus a couple hours before the show and asked for an autograph he said he would be back out in a few minutes he didn't come out until going on stage, as for after the show didn't see any of Seether for about an hour to an hour and half then Shaun came off the bus got security to get to women and signed there stuff and hugged them and basically gave the finger to the rest of us about 20 of us could not have been less fan friendly as a band, oh well one of the two not bad.
1) Austin Winkler - 2 8x10's, Poster & a cut.
2) Joe Garvey - 2 8x10's, Poster & a cut.
3) Mark King - 2 8x10's, Poster & a cut.
4) Mike Rodden - 2 8x10's, Poster & a cut.
5) Cody Hanson - 2 8x10's & Poster.

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