Saturday, July 10, 2010

Here we go, going to give it a shot! Taylor Tankersley

As you may have seen on my blog I asked about a year long trade and have decide to go forward with it the first cards is a Taylor Tankersley Bowman Certified Autograph #148 with the Florida Marlins he was there June 2004 #1 draft pick. I will be taking offer for this card until midnight July 24th and select one offer on the 25th then that card will be the next one up for trade I will consider all offer any sport, any team, any year, would prefer it to be a Company Certified card but may consider other IE Graded/Authenticated blah blah blah just looking to have a little fun so keep the offer coming you can make as many offers as you would like also please post on link to this on your blog so we can get as much involvement as possible. Please post offers as comments to this post so all can look at them. Thanks, Dion

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