Friday, June 11, 2010

Bridgeport Bluefish

Went to the Bridgeport Blufish @ York Revolution game last night not much of a game 9-1 Bridgeport and York could only muster up one hit a double. But was a good autograph night except for not getting Wily Mo Pena and Jorge Julio. Did get the following:
1) Antonio Alfonseca - 10 Cards.
2) Brian Barton - 6 Cards.
3) Brandon Chaves a Card.
4) Adam Greenberg a Card.
5) Danny Putnam - 7 Cards.
6) Denny Stark - 4 Cards.
7) Willie Upshaw - 6 Cards.
8) Victor Rodriguez a 3x5 Card.
9) Jorge Perez a 3x5 Card.
10) Luis Rodriguez a Cracked Bat.


  1. Dion-You always seem to tear it up!

  2. Had a little help a friend was with me who only collects Ravens so he got me a couple Barton's and Alfonseca's. But I do try my best.