Sunday, March 2, 2014

Charity Alumni Hockey Game

I went to Klick-Lewis Arena in Palmyra, PA yesterday for an event I had heard about on the radio about 3 hours before the 12:30 start time.  The free event was 12 hockey games on the 2 sheets of ice 30 minutes each the teams had to pay/donations to play which is why it was free to the public they also had an auction, raffle etc to raise money which all went towards breast cancer.  They brought in a nice lie-up of alumni for the event a total of 16 players, 15 of them where NHLers and 1 Olympian (Women's Canada).  Here is a list of who was there and what I got signed (68 total items).  I would have been able to get more but half the players I couldn't find on my short time frame to pull stuff glad my older hockey is alphabetical so made that part easy.
1) Lori Dupuis - A Card & 3x5.
2) Bryan Muir - 2 3x5's.
3) Ed Hospodar - 2 3x5's & 2 postcards.
4) Richie Dunn - 2 3x5's.
5) Chris Kotsopoulos - 2 3x5's.
6) Krzystof Oliwa - A Card. (wouldn't sign 3x5's)
7) Michel Petit - 2 3x5's.
8) Frederic Cassivi - 2 3x5's.
9) Terry Yake - A Card & 3x5.
10) Dennis Maruk - 3 Cards & 2 3x5's.
11) Francois LeRoux - 4 Cards & 2 3x5's.
12) Darryl Shannon - 2 Cards.
13) Lou Franceschetti - 5 Cards. (would sign each different no dupes)
14) Andrew Cassels - 10 Cards.
15) Grant Ledyard - 7 Cards.
16) Craig Muni - 14 Cards.
Yake, Oliwa, Dupuis, Petit, Muir, Dunn, Cassivi & Kotsopoulos

Shannon, LeRoux, Maruk, Hospodar & Franceshetti

Muni, Cassels & Ledyard Autographed cards

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