Saturday, July 19, 2014

A trade and purchase

A friend that I collect with Ralph was looking to get rid of some of the autographs he has been collecting over the years he is narrowing his collecting wants and needs so I took a look at what he had and will probably at some point purchase the whole collection from him.  But for today, I had 32 autographed cards he wanted and I picked out 201 autographs he had in his binders so the final tab was $43 and the 32 cards for the 201. So that comes out to if you figure 1 for 1 on 32 cards he took, a little more then .25 a card for the other 169 cards.  The big one was a Vladimir Guerrero 2000 Fleer Tradition card.  see the pictures below for the rest. A couple of the other bigger names are Torii Hunter, Gary Templeton, Victor Martinez & Livan Hernandez.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Winner Winner........

I won a blog contest from Julie over at "Funner Here" check out here blog @  The contest was easy enough leave a comment have a chance and the randomizer finally pick me the win was a nice 20 card lot. a little bit of every thing auto, HOFer, minis, chrome & #'d etc.. Besides the Auto my favorite is the Cheyenne Woods card former Wake Forest Demon Deacon which is where my niece just graduated from. Thanks, Julie

Monday, July 14, 2014

Chantilly, VA card show 7/12/14

Autographed Cards from the show
Free Manziel card & 2013 Topps Mini Golds each #'d to 62
Assorted #'d cards & Guillen Jersey
Mike and I went to the card show on Saturday is quite a hall from York, Pa about 2 hours I probably would not have gone on my own since wasn't interested in any of the autograph guest because didn't need them or didn't want to pay the price being asked for them. But Mike was going for Carl Erskine so figured I'd tag along.  Show was $8 to enter and spent another $26 on cards got about 90 cards total some autographs some #'d and just some cards for future autographs from the Atlantic league a few are already signed on Sat. and Sun. The Carlos Guillen Jersey was a dime along with the 2013 Topps Gold Mini's each #'d XX/62. Love the dime box finds.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bridgeport @ York 7/13/14

I went to the game today and did graphing before during and after the game.  It Sunday so York has a team signing on the field pre-game then it was over to the Bluefish side did well at both the only guys I wanted and didn't get where York's Salvador Paniagua and Bridgeport Tomo Ohka, he came out late and looked like he would rather die then sign after the game made it a point to be no where near the railing walked on the field and ignored us.  Here is who and what I got 17 players & 58 graphs.
1) Corey Thurman - 2 Programs.
2) Jason Repko - 2 8x10's.
3) Michael Wuertz - 4 Cards.
4) Wilson Valdez - 4 Cards.
5) Eric Patterson - 6 Cards.
6) Bryan Morgado - a Card.
7) Rommie Lewis - 3 Cards.
8) Mark Hendrickson - a Card.
9) J.R. Towles - 4 Cards.
10) Austin Gallagher - a Card.
11) Willie Upshaw - 9 Cards.
12) Prentice Redman - 3 Cards.
13) Jaye Chapman - 5 Cards.
14) D.J. Mithchell - a Card.
15) Joe Mather - a Card.
16) Pat Ahearne - 3x5.
17) Dontrelle Willis - 9 Cards & a Ball.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Long Island Vs. Lancaster 7/12/14

Mike and I went to the game to night I did the Lancaster side and Mike did the Long Island Side since I did Long Island last night.. When we got in there was no one from Lancaster out but the Ducks had there pitchers out with pitching coach Steve Foucault.  So we went to the pen area to see if anyone would sign before going back in and the ones we asked did,  then I went to get Lancaster. Here is who I got tonight.  Not bad 15 players 42 total graphs.
1) Steve Foucault - 9 Cards.
2) Jeremy Accardo - a Card.
3) Bob Zimmermann - a Card.
4) Mark Rogers - 4 Cards.
5) Cory Wade - a Card.
6) Chris Schwinden - 4 Cards.
7) Brandon Mann - 2 Cards.
8) Gabriel Jacobo - 4 Cards.
9) Dan Osterbrock - 3 Cards.
10) Lance Zawadzki - 2 Cards.
11) Brett Carroll - 3 Cards.
12) Ben Francisco - 2 Cards.
13) Joe Gardner - 2 Cards.
14) Evan Englebrook - a Card.
15) Shunsuke Watanabe - 3 Programs.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Long Island Ducks

I went to Lancaster, PA and did some pre-game autographing only did the Ducks and left after a couple innings.  Here is who I got tonight.
1) Lew Ford - 8 Cards & 2 8x10's.
2) Kevin Baez - 9 Cards.
3) Bob Zimmerman - A Card.
4) Eric Niesen - 5 Cards.
5) Jonathan Meloan - 2 Cards & an 8x10.
6) Brendan Harris - O's Postcard & 2 8x10's.
7) Jeremy Accardo - 2 8x10's.
8) Steve Foucault - 8x10.
9) Brandon Bantz - 3x5.
10) Fehlandt Lentini - 3x5.
11) John Brownell - 3x5.
12) Sergio Miranda - 3x5.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Somerset Patriots @ York 7/9/2014

I went to the game tonight for some pregame autographs didn't get a lot and I think for the 1st time ever at an Atlantic League game I didn't get one card done!  Here is what and who I did get.
1) Brett Jodie - Program Cover.
2) Shane Spencer - 2 8x10's.
3) Brian Barden - 2 8x10's.
4) Matt Maloney - 2 8x10's.
5) Jonathan Lucas - 3x5.
6) Aharon Eggleston- 3x5.
7) Damaso Espino - 3x5.
8) Matt Langwell - 3x5.
9) Ty Wright - 3x5.