Friday, July 13, 2018

2018 MLB Fanfest

Mike and I went to the opening day of this years MLB All-Star Fanfest.  It was a good autograph day as we were able to get 13 of the 15 attendees that were there.  The 2 we missed were the 2 HOFers Juan Marichal & Rollie Fingers which wasn't a big deal since we both had gotten them at York Sports Night events in the past.  As for the experience it was good autograph lines weren't to bad had register which is were we made a mistake not getting Marichal first we did Livan Hernandez and that locked us out of the 3 early tables we were able to get other two tables as overflow/non-register people.  Lots of freebies picture below of posters, pennants, bags, T-Shirt, Bobblehead(Zimmerman mini), Topps Custom Cards & Pictures with guests etc.  Total of 13 signers total of 47 autographs.
1) Ryan Church - 13 Cards (Station & Opening Ceremony).
2) Justin Maxwell - 4 Cards(Station & Opening Ceremony).
3) Lisa Fernandez - Sports Illustrated & 2 3x5's (Table & Opening Ceremony).
4) Livan Hernandez - Offical NL Ball inscribed 1997 WS MVP (Station).
5) Manny Sanguillen - 2 8x10's & 2 Cards (Station).
6) Carlos Baerga - 3 Cards (Station).
7) Alex Gonzalez - 3 Cards (Station).
8) Jamey Carroll - 6 Cards (Station)
9) Maybelle Blair - Card & Magazine (Table).
10) Shirley Burkovich - Card & Magazine (Table).
11) Jeanne Descombes - Card & Magazine (Table).
12) Mary Moore - Card & Magazine (Table).
13) Lois Youngen - Card & Magazine (Table).

Justin Maxwell
Manny Sanguillen

Alex Gonzalez

Carlos Baerga & I

World Series Trophy

Lisa Fernandez & I and some Metals!

Livan Hernandez & I

Ryan Church

Fanfest Enterance

Sunday, July 8, 2018

New Britain

I went to Lancaster today to do pregame autographs.  On Sunday's Lancaster have a couple players sign for 20 minutes before the game when the gates open and Matt Marksberry was one today I have a Braves 8x10.  Also was able to get the follow New Britain players.
1) Matt Tuiasosopo - 3 cards.
2) Darren Ford - a Card.
3)  Adam Loewen - 2 Cards.
4) Elvin Ramirez -8x10.
5) Jason Rogers - 2 8x10's.
6) Brock Stassi - 2 8x10's.
So a total of 7 players and 12 autographs.

Ford, Loewen & Tuiasosopo

Marksberry & Ramirez

Jason Rogers

Brock Stassi

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Foo Fighters

Last night Everett & I went to Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, MD. Couldn't have been a better show The Struts opened up the show playing an 8 song 45 Minute set, Then it was 2 hours and 45 minutes of the Foo's playing some new and most of all the hits and a few covers.  Weather was great beer was cold..... getting out after the show was not great but all in all a great time.
Links to the 2 set-Lists:

The Struts: 

Foo Fighters:

The Struts 

Foo Fighters

Taylor Hawkins

Dave Grohl

Foo Fighters

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Contest Winner!

I entered a contest for an autographed MLS Soccer card of Waylon Francis had to guess the # to of 50 contest was put on by Sports Card Collectors original post
My guess was #37 it was right on,Thanks for the contest! I like winning these kind of contest for items I wouldn't normally purchase.  I don't purchase much of the soccer cards as I don't follow it as much as Baseball, Football or Hockey but always interested in adding ink I don't have to the collection.  He also throw in 3 blue parallels #'d/99.  See cards below


Ducks Part # 2

Last night I went back to Lancaster to try and get the guys I missed the first night. See who and what I got signed still no K-Rod heard  rumors that he was an ass after the first night but who knows I didn't even see him either night.
1) Jair Jurrjens - 6 Cards.
2) Travis Snider - 8x10 & 5 Cards.
3) Emilio Bonifacio - 2 8x10's.
4) Ramon Cabrera - 8x10.
5) Daniel Fields - 8x10.
6) David Washington - 8x10.

Snider & Jurrjens Signed Cards

Cabrera & Bonifacio 8x10's

Snider & Washington 8x10's

Bonifacio & Fields 8x10's

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Long Island Ducks

I went to Lancaster tonight to do pregame autographs of the Ducks.  It was a good night got most of who I had stuff for except didn't even see Francisco "K-Rod" Rodriguez or Jair Jurrjens.  I was able to get the following 13 Players and 39 Autographs.
1) Ramon Cabrera - 8x10 & a Card.
2) Jake Dunning - 8x10.
3) Lew Ford - 8x10 & 2 Cards.
4) Colton Murray - 2 8x10's & a Card.
5) David Washington - 8x10.
6) Audie Afenir - a Card.
7) Kevin Baez - 6 Cards.
8) Emilio Bonifacio - 4 Cards.
9) Daniel Fields - 2 Cards.
10) Cody Puckett - 3 Cards.
11) Travis Snider - 9 Cards.
12) Jordany Valdespin - 2 Cards.
Plus a bonus of
13) Dave Stewart - 2 8x10's. Unannounced guest threw out first pitch and think was in the area scouting.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Super Bowl Ring

It's nice to know that there will now always be a Super Bowl ring with my name on it!  My niece Nicole Soskin works for the Eagles and they received there rings last Thursday at a party in Philadelphia.  I saw her over the weekend and was able to see it, feel it, hold it & wear it! it is so cool to know we have one of these Trophy/Rings in the family!
Congratulations to Nicole you earned it!