Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Phillies Caravan

Mike & I went to the Reading, PA stop of this years Phillies Caravan.  We went last year and it was a good time so we did it again, for $25 you got some food, some interviews and a short autograph session.  I was able to get through both lines for the Phillies 1 line was Mark Leiter Jr. & Rhys Hoskins and the 2nd line was new manager Gabe Kapler & Jerad Eickhoff. in addition former MLB player Eric Valent was honored as King of Baseballtown.  I was able to get all 5 players so not a bad night.

Hoskins & Leiter

Rhys Hoskins Signing 8x10

Jerad Eickhoff

Gabe Kapler

Valent Signed cards & Leiter & Eickhoff Signed postcards

Eickhoff & Hoskins signed 8x10's

Leiter & Kapler signed 8x10's

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Ricky Brown

I needed a Ricky Brown for my Ravens project and made an offer on Ebay for a signed 8x10 so for a total of $10 I can cross him off  list maybe be able to add him in person in the future but this will be a place holder until then.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Favorite Card of 2017

Waiting 'til Next Year... blog has a contest for your favorite card of 2017.  Mine is not anything really special not a relic, not numbered but it is of my favorite current Raven player and I was able to get it signed in person by him.  So here it is my favorite card of 2017 Panini Football Justin Tucker.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Meg Mallon

I got a Ebay gift card for Christmas and with part of it I added this 2004 SP Signature Golf Meg Mallon autograph she is in the world golf hall of fame and a nice inexpensive  add to the Golf HOF collection total shipped was $6.49.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Bengals vs. Ravens

My son and I once again went down to M&T bank Stadium for the game yesterday a WIN and your in game for the home town Ravens.  It was the coldest game in M&T bank Stadium history and with the way the Ravens started it only got colder and the way they finished after battling back from being 14 points down to take a 27-24 lead and a 4th and 12 with under a minute left to give up a 49 yard game winning  touchdown to Tyler Boyd and Andy Dalton ugh it was brutally freezing at that time in a half empty silent stadium.......... I didn't do autos before or after with the temperature but did go to the TV both and was able to get a coupls Dan Fouts cards signed and thanks to Gage he was able to get me a Chuck Clark which was a Ravens need so not a total loss I also got a glove after the game from Patrick "Peanut" Onwuasor. See pictures below of autos and glove. AND LIKE THAT IT'S A RAP ON THE RAVENS SEASON! Buffalo you're Welcome!

Patrick Onwuasor using the Glove.


Indianapolis Colts

If you read the Trent Green post you know I didn't do much in the way of collecting for the Colts Ravens game on Dec. 23rd with the rain but I did get a Wristband after the game when I was down at the tunnel entrance not sure who throw it but I got it, it was from the Colts.