Monday, March 17, 2014

A couple more Ebay buys.

I got home from work today to find a USPS envelope on the kitchen table and a bubble mailer in the mail box.  The envelope had 12 oversize 8x10 football cards and he actually put a note saying he added one not in the auction so was actually 13 for a total cost delivered of $21.06 or $1.62/Ea. The bubble had an Orsten Artis Basketball HOF card he was on the 1966 Texas Western team that was inducted in 2007 the cost delivered on this one was $4.30 not bad to add to the HOF collection.
1) Orsten Artis 2010 Panini Basketball Halls of Fame #OA #'d 214/899.
2) Antonio Gates 2005 UD Portraits # SP-5.
3) Joe Horn 2005 UD Portraits # SP-25.
4) Charlie Frye 2005 UD Portraits # SP-49.
5) Ciatrick Fason 2005 UD Portraits # SP-56 (X2).
6) J.J. Arrington 2005 UD Portraits # SP-57.
7) Larry Centers 1997 Leaf.
8) Ben Coates 1997 Leaf.
9) Gus Frerotte 1997 Leaf.
10) Rodney Hampton 1997 Leaf.
11) Byron Hanspard 1997 Leaf.
12) Garrison Hearst 1997 Leaf.
13) Greg Hill 1997 Leaf.

The Ciatrick Fason and the Byron Hanspard are available for trade if anyone is interested.

Gates, Horn, Frye & Fason

Arrington, Centers, Coates & Frerotte

Hampton, Hanspard, Hearst & Hill

HOFer Orsten Artis


  1. Nice. Always liked those 1997 Leaf Signature 8x10's. I picked up a Terrell Owens a few weeks ago.