Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sugar Land @ Lancaster on Cinco De Mayo

I went over to the Lancaster game tonight to get autographs before the game of the Sugar Land Skeeters did pretty well got most of the guys I was looking for except Bobby Livingston and Alex Cintron, Bobby wasn't before the game started and heard that Alex has signed with a team in Mexico and is no longer with the team. Here is who I got total of 10 players and 41 autographs:
1) Bubba Bell - 4 Cards.
2) Jason Botts - 2 Cards.
3) Britt Burns - 9 Cards and a Baseball Digest Cover.
4) Gary Gaetti - 9 Cards.
5) Ben Harrison - A Card.
6) Pedro Liriano - A Card.
7) Gary Majewski - 6 Cards.
8) Colt Morton - A Card and Ticket Stub.
9) Michael Nix - 5 Cards (including 3 Custom cards and gave him one). 
10) Heath Phillips - A Card.

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