Monday, May 21, 2012

Art of Dying

I went to the Chameleon Club in Lancaster, PA for the concert last night there were four bands OurAfter, Brookroyal, New Medicine & Art of Dying. The show was not well attended couple hundred people maybe which I really didn't mind not sure if it was because it was a Sunday night or lack of interest.  But all four bands were good which was a nice surprise since never heard the 1st two bands before last night. I did do some autographing mainly Art of Dying and did get a drum stick from them and a couple picks, did get a pick of Mike Dudley of OurAfter too.  The following is what I got signed:
New Medicine:
1) Jake Scherer - Poster.
2) Matt Brady - Poster.
3) Dan Garland- Poster.
4) Ryan Guanzon- Poster.
Art of Dying:
5) Johnny Hetherington - Ticket Stub, Drum Stick & 3 8x10's.
6) Cale Gonthier - Ticket Stub, Drum Stick, Pick(Signed) & 5 8x10's.
7) Greg Bradley - Ticket Stub, Drum Stick, Pick(unsigned) & 6 8x10's.
8) Tavis Stanley - Ticket Stub, Drum Stick & 4 8x10's. 
9) Jeff Brown - Ticket Stub, Drum Stick & 1 8x10.

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