Sunday, July 9, 2023

Ace Frehley

Dave and I went to the July 7th  Friday concert at the 2023 Gettysburg Bike Week event in Gettysburg PA.  The event runs Thurs-Sunday we got the 2 day pass for Friday & Saturday so we could attended both evening concerts.  The first was Former Kiss Guitarist Ace Frehley with his band.  Ace is 72 years old now and was never a great singer and the years have taken their toll but the music was great and the other guys in the band all sang the set was made up of a lot of early Kiss songs which was great.  The Opening act was Jasmine Cain 3 piece that did a mix of covers and originals. Below a couple pictures and links to a couple videos from the show.
Link to Ace's Set-List:


  1. I bet Ace wasn't wearing those high heel boots, lol. Cool he's still rocking at 72. I wish that I still had their (KISS) albums. I had them all.

    1. It was my 1st time seeing Ace as I had seen Kiss but he had left shortly before both times I saw them so I saw Bruce Kulick & Tommy Thayer so was good to see Ace as Kiss was a poster I had in my room grewing up circa 1975ish....... yes I'm old as well.