Saturday, July 17, 2021

2020 Olympics Team Israel

Team Israel had an exhibition game today in Lancaster PA So I went over as there was a few guys I had cards of and a couple long-time major leaguers Ian Kinsler & Danny Valencia.  They played a local All-Star team not a great game was 2:30 hours for 5 innings with Israel winning 4-2 going into bottom of the 5th then it got ugly 7 walks and then the rain came and the game was over.  I did get autos before and after the game at the bus since it was raining when they left the field.  I got the following.

  1. Ian Kinsler - 6 Cards.
  2. Danny Valencia - 2 Cards.
  3. Josh Zeid - 3 Cards.
  4. Ty (Tyler) Kelly - 3 Cards.
  5. Andrew Lorraine - 3 Cards.
  6. Nick Rickles - 3x5.
  7. Jon Moscot - Ticket Stub.
  8. Joey Wagman - Ticket Stub.

Pre-Game Batting Practice

Josh Zeid Pitching

Danny Valencia Leading off 2nd Base

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