Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Sixx A.M.

A friend and I went to Baltimore last night to see Sixx A.M. in concert at Ram's Head Live.  Was a great show sound was best I've heard in this venue bass wasn't over bearing and the vocals were clear. I was about 3 or 4 people back from stage on Nikki Sixx's side.  No picks, set-list or autographs from this show Nikki throw a cup of picks out at end of show but was further back from the stage then I was so no glory!  see the 17 song set-list below and a few pictures from the show.  Opening acts were Cilver and local band Nightsbridge. Cilver is from New York and has a Female singer and Drummer were pretty rockin.
1) This Is Gonna Hurt
2) Rise
3) Relief
4) When We Were Gods
5) You Have Come To the Right Place
6) Help Is On The Way
7) Live Forever
8) Accidents Can Happen
9) Dead Man's Ballet
10) Everything Went to Hell
11) Prayers for the Damned
12) Goodbye My Friends
13) Lies of the Beautiful People
14) Stars
15) Rise of the Melancholy Empire
16) Skin (Minor Glitch at start of guitar solo, tech forgot to turn up the volume)
17) Life is Beautiful

James Michael Ram's Head Baltimore
Nikki Sixx Ram's Head Baltimore

James Michael & Nikki Sixx

DJ Ashba & Nikki Sixx

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