Thursday, May 12, 2016

Akron @ Harrisburg

I went to the game tonight in Harrisburg to do some autographing and also to get Greg Luzinski who was a guest signer during the game.  Pregame autos were slim from Akron as I was doomed by the DL as most of the players I had didn't travel due to being on the 7-day DL (Kime, Kaminsky & Washington) and Clint Frazier didn't have time before the game. So was able to get 4 players.
1) Eric Haase - Ticket Stub.
2) Bradley Zimmer - Ticket Stub.
3) Nelson "Nellie" Rodriguez - a Card.
4) Robbie Aviles - a Card.
5) Grag Luzinski - 14 Cards. (Went through line 2 times).

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