Thursday, August 29, 2013

Johnny "Football" Manziel

This has to be the biggest farce the "investigation" into Manziel.  a 1/2 game suspension to a game that will be a blow-out is no penalty at all.  As an autograph collector and one that try's not to pay for autographs it just makes no sense for a guy to sign thousands of auto's and not get paid it's common sense that someone was paid if not Johnny Football then someone Johnny knows was paid there is just no reason to believe otherwise and the NCAA to suspend for a half is a joke there is just to much money on the line for the NCAA & Texas A&M for this to have any other outcome the to let him play. It's hard enough to get these guys to sign one item let alone to sign 400 for one person(Dealer), so if your signing 400 and it's a known dealer/seller of autographs there is no reason to do it unless you or someone you know is getting paid! What Johnny should have done is dropped out of college sold his autograph to the highest bidders and worked out and entered next years draft the only loser in this would have been the NCAA and Texas A&M. He would have got paid and turned pro this way and there is no problem. Please comment and let me know what your thoughts are.

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