Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hall of Fame Weekend Saturday 8/3/2013

Fawcett Stadium HOF Weekend
HOF Stage 2013
Ogden giving speech
Newsome & Ogden w/Bust
Ogden Bust
Ogden display @ HOF Induction
Saturday morning Dave and I left for Canton, OH mainly for the induction of Jonathan Ogden into the Pro football hall of fame.  As a Ravens season ticket holder since they moved to Baltimore I figured I had to be there for the ceremony inducting the 1st full time player to be inducted, there are 3 other players (Sharpe, Sanders & Woodson) that have played a couple seasons each for the Ravens but Ogden is going in as a RAVEN! It would have been real nice if Art Modell went also but he didn't make the cut not sure how that is but it is. While we were out there we did a little bit of autographing at the stadium and at the hotel. It was a long day waking up at 5 AM driving from 6 AM to 12:30  to Canton, hanging out at the hotel, checking in to our hotel in Alliance, OH and then going to the Ceremony in the evening. On Saturday I got 14 people for a total of 17 autographs see list below:
1) Willie Roaf - Card.
2) Jimmie Johnson - 3 Cards.
3) Lenny Moore - Card.
4) Gale Sayers - Card.
5) John Stallworth - Card.
6) Jack Youngblood - 2 Cards.
7) Frank Gifford - 3x5.
8) Joe Delamielleure - Card.
9) Jerry Rice - Oversized Card.
10) DeMaurice Smith - 3x5.
11) Calvin Hill - Blank Sheet.
12) Phill Simms - Blank Sheet.
13) Kyle Richardson - Blank Sheet.
14) Jim Jackson (Basketball) - Blank Sheet.
Autographs from August 3

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