Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rangers @ Orioles 4/9/2011

Went down to Baltimore for the 1st game of the doubleheader today and to try and get some autographs before the game was great but was able to get some outside the stadium before the game and four more guys inside the stadium before the 4:35 game start. It would have been a poor day until the last guy I got which was Josh Hamilton kinda turned the day around since I had not previously had the chance to get his autograph. here the list of the 27 total autographs I did get today.

1) Josh Hamilton - ESPN Mag. Cover & A MLB Practice ball I got at batting practice.

2) C.J. Wilson - 2 Cards, 8x10 & Team Logo.

3) Mark Lowe - 2 Cards.

4) Wayne Kirby - 3 Cards.

5) Dave Anderson - 3 Cards.

6) Ken Singleton - 3x5 & Golf Brochure.

7) Mike Napoli - Card & Team Logo.

8) Mitch Moreland - Team Logo.

9) Derek Holland - Card.

10) Mike Gonzalez - 2 Cards.

11) Jeremy Accardo - 3 Cards.

12) Ron Washington - Card.

13) Darren Oliver - Card.


  1. Where did you get Hamilton? Inside or outside?

  2. Got Hamilton inside behind 3rd base after he was done running and stretching prior to the game.

  3. Who did you get when I left yesterday?

  4. Not sure who I had when you left but the list above is everyone I got and all where outside except Holland, Hamilton, Lowe & Washington.