Thursday, January 6, 2011

An open letter to the Orioles!

As a baseball fan and autograph collector I always liked the O's annual fanfest since it was in the winter and for the most part FREE ($10 to enter or free for season tix holders). The beginning of this event was to give back to the fans during the off season,the format was to have forums, sell game used equipment, have question and answer sessions and autographs all-day from current and former players all free. This is a common event for teams during the off season I know the Pirates do it and the Cubs and Cardinals have similar events. I'm not sure where the current thinking is but I assume up someones A$$ in the Orioles front office as they have now turned this event into just another pay for autographs show which will make it no different then any "National" or M-A-B or TriStar Show which is to bad for the local fans that have put up with this pathetic team for more then a decade. Please note that there are teenagers that have never seen a winning season from this Peter Angelos run circus and now there turning the one good event every year into just another money grab disguised as charity, If I want to give to charity I will, And if the Orioles want to give money do it don't charge the fans of your below average team for autographs of your players that no one knows because there never around long enough to get to know in this organization and make the donation! Whatever maybe I'll go to Pittsburgh that week end and go to the Pirates fanfest! Let me know what your thoughts are on this. here is the official report


  1. A $15 donation to charity for 3-4 autographs sounds pretty good to me. We don't have fan fest events in New York.

    We do have a MAB show just about every month, where we can spend $10 for admission and pay (for example) $35 for David Weathers' autograph... not a dime goes to charity, so far as I know.

  2. I understand it's for charity, but the Orioles rarely have appearances with their players without charging an arm and a leg. This was really the only opportunity to get some of the better players that don't sign at all at the ballpark. It's unfortunate that dealers are the reason this has happened.

  3. My point is that this event was designed in the beginning to be a celebration of baseball and something the team was doing for the fans. Not anymore.