Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hanover Sports Night

On Thursday January 22nd 2011 I went to Hanover Sports Night. There was a buffet dinner followed by a program that included Rick Demsey, Marty Bystrom, Michael Adams, Joe Battista & Greg Hodnett. Future Hall of Fme basketball college coach was suppose to attend but did not make it due to snow. It was a good time and program there was a short autograph session afterward and here is what I got.
1) Rick Dempsey - Program, 4x6 picture & 5 cards.
2) Marty Bystrom - Program, 6 cards.
3) Michael Adams - Program, 14 cards.
4) Greg Hodnett - Program, 3x5 card.
5) Joe Battista - Program.
6) Davy Crockett - Program.
7) Joanna Campbell - Program.

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