Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Somerset Patriots @ York 9/22/2010

Went to the game tonight left early since it was raining York scored 6 in the bottom of the first and was winning 6-0 when I left. Here are the autographs I got as usual Sparky Lyle was a "NO" I haven't seen him sign in the last 2-3 years:
1) Jason Monti - 2 Cards & Playoff Roster.
2) Bill Pulsipher - 4 Cards.
3) Jason Belcher - Playoff Roster.
4) Elliott Ayala - Playoff Roster.
5) Joe Burke - Playoff Roster.
6) Matt Hagen - Playoff Roster.
7) Jeff Nettles - Playoff Roster.
8) Josh Pressley - Playoff Roster.
9) Iggy Saurez - Playoff Roster.
10) Noah Hall - Playoff Roster.
11) Brian Adams - Playoff Roster.
12) Andrew Dobies - Playoff Roster.
13) Jerry Dunn - Playoff Roster.
14) Ben Grezlovski - Playoff Roster.
15) Carlos Hines - Playoff Roster.
16) Jeff Kennard - Playoff Roster.
17) Travis Minix - Playoff Roster.


  1. Dion-Did you see Scott Williamson with the Patriots? And if so, did he sign?

  2. Ryan,
    He was there, I asked him twice before the game he didn't seem like he wanted to sign and didn't sign. once was before introductions said didn't have time, second time was when he came back to the pen after intro's and just waved and went to the locker room. then the rains came we left and didn't stay after the game. Dion

  3. Thanks man, I hope that he will sign for me one day