Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Opening day of Ravens camp 7/27/2010

Went to today's opening day of training camp for the Baltimore Ravens and got 13 autographs of 8 different people. So as expected the no policy the Ravens have put into effect has deeply hindered the ability for adults to get players/coaches autographs at camp. The morning session was a complete wash-out was great if you 6-15 but there was no signing for anybody else. Did get John Harbaugh(3 programs & a card) as he was walking from the lower field to the upper field at about 8am. As for the afternoon session got coach Chuck Pagano(3x5), Coach Clarence Brooks(3x5), Coach Greg Mattison(8x10) & Fabian Washington(8x10) as the were going to the lower field and got the only 3 players to come over after the session were Lardarius Webb(3x5), Troy Smith(2 Cards) & Matt Lawrence(2-8x10's) at about 5pm so needless to say I will probably not be making all that many trips to camp this year.

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