Monday, July 19, 2010

Baltimore Raven's New Autograph Policy

I see this policy as a major hindrance in collecting autos this camp but I will go a couple of days and see what happens if it sucks will not go back and probably be shopping my season tickets. by cutting out the people that pay the bills is not a good business decision in my eyes but teams make decisions all the time that hurt the collector/bill payers. Let me know what you think. I'm not sure why the angle is always shifted to get kids autographs when 90-95% of them have no clue who they are getting and are just getting for there parents or a dealer anyway just another point of view. see policy below.

"Players will sign autographs for children (ages 6-15) only after the morning practice. Autographs will not be available after the afternoon practices." then they say "We want to keep the spontaneity and closeness we have with our fans who come to training camp" and then "The connectivity we have with our fans at camp is important to us and a Ravens' tradition. We know that every person that comes to camp and wants an autograph cannot get one because of players' schedules. Under our new system, more children will have the opportunity, and that's important to us."

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  1. I have no idea how the fans are at Ravens camp, but I don't have an issue with the policy if it really addresses a safety concern.

    I have gotten stuck in crowds where people just kept pushing the folks in front of them to try to get an autograph -- it's not fun, and it's potentially dangerous.

    If you're going to limit autographs, it makes sense to limit them to kids -- adults have incomes and can buy a piece of sports memorabilia if they want to. Kids don't. The team should cater to its fans of the future; their parents that are paying the bills now will also be happy.

    Of course, that only makes sense when we're talking about current-day players. I could never figure out retired guys that only wanted to sign for kids.