Saturday, October 29, 2022

Baltimore Orioles Season Ticket Holder event

My friend Mike who is a partial season ticket holder of the Baltimore Orioles invited me to an event that was held at Camden Yards it was from noon to 5 PM.  There where free alumni autograph sessions and then some sessions that you needed a ticket for that I didn't have but was able to get a couple of those players after there dugout talk Q&A's. In addition to the autos they had a bunch of other things to do like go down on the field, Take batting practice throw in the bullpen take a picture with the 1983 World Series Trophy ETC.... It was a fun day.  The following is who and what I was able to get signed along with some picture of the day. Total of 10 players & 34 Autographs.

  1. Connor Norby - O's Logo Card. (After Q&A Session).
  2. Rick Dempsey - 2 Cards. (After Q&A Session).
  3. Brian Roberts - a Card. (After Q&A Session).
  4. Larry Bigbie - 8 Cards & Postcard. (Alumni Table).
  5. Rick Krivda - 2 8 1/2 X 11 & Postcard. (Alumni Table).
  6. Al Bumbry - 2 Cards & Postcard. (Alumni Table).
  7. Joe Orsulak - 9 Cards. (Alumni Table).
  8. Tippy Martinez - Postcard. (Alumni Table).
  9. Brian Bass - 4 Postcards. (Alumni Table).
  10. Austin Wynns - 8x10 ($15 Grab Bag).
Larry Bigbie & Rick Krivda Signing.

On-Field in Centerfield.

On-Field Right field Fence/Foul Line.

Connor Norby Q&A.

Colton Cowser Q&A.

Brian Bass Signing.

Tippy Martinez Signing.

Brian Roberts Q&A.

W/1983 World Series Trophy.

Joe Orsulak Signing.

Al Bumbry Signing.

Completed Signed Cards 

Other Signed Items.

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