Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Five Finger Death Punch & Megadeth

Everett & I went to Hersheypark Stadium for the Saturday September 24th concert with Headliner Five Finger Death Punch and 3 warm-up acts highlighted by Megadeth along with The Hu & Fire From the Gods.  Great weather and great time didn't know the first 2 bands The Hu was interesting they are a Mongolian folk metal band & Fire from the Gods is a rap band metal from Austin, TX.  This was the 3rd time seeing Megadeth over the years going back to the opening for Heaven & Hell & The Scorpions.  FFDP was great nice stage played most of the hits I probably would have played a couple other songs for 2 they did play but this was the first time seeing them so that checks them off my top 5 need to see live bands list.  below is some links to set-lists for each band and links to you-tube videos and some pictures from kinda far away as we where towards the back of the field seats.

The Hu set-list:
Megadeth Set-List:
5FDP Set-list:

YouTube Videos:

Five Finger Death Punch


The Hu
Fire From the Gods

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