Monday, August 16, 2021

Saints in Baltimore

I went to the Ravens Saints game on August 14, 2021.  I went early which was useless due to the Covid pandemic the had the fencing set up wider and with double so you couldn't get near the players.  Gates opened 2 hours before the game as usual so went to try and get some of the Saints I was able to only get 4 players of which none of them did I have a card of, for the most part the players said no or weren't interested probably also Covid related.  The only good part was that the Baltimore TV team included Rod Woodson and the Saints radio team included Deuce McAllister who both signed also, saw Ozzie Newsome and I asked and he said nah.  I also got a glove from the Saints side pregame. After the game was just as bad with not one Raven signing anything.  Looks like another long season of no graphing for the NFL.  

Lamar Jackson Pregame warm up.

Ravens Team introduction

HOFer Rod Woodson TV Analyst

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