Friday, January 29, 2021

Trade # 13 & a Break.

In Wednesday's mail I received 2 envelopes one was a single card from a trade with @KarlinCards and was a 2020 Lamar Jackson Panini Illusions Clear Shot.  The second envelope had 2 cards both A's and both mini's I was in a break for a box of 2020 T206 and had the AL west so received a base Matt Chapman and a Barry Zito Old Mill variation back which are in 1:30 boxes only have seen one on EBay and went for $20 so not a bad hit.


  1. I love me some A's... but why the heck is Barry Zito representing them in a 2020 product? Don't get me wrong... I like Zito. But can't imagine baseball card collectors out there are clamoring for his cards.

    1. IMO so much wrong with the issuing of sets and cards and yes they include vets/alumni in most or all of them with so many sets, variations. parallels & subsets it's the new over production in late 80's they made a ton of the same card now they just release thousands of cards of each player it's had to collect anymore.