Sunday, August 23, 2015

Ravens @ Eagles 8/22/15 Lincoln Financial Field

My son and I went to the game last night a 40-17 ass kicking by the Eagles, Flacco opened with 2 interceptions on the first 2 drives and the Eagles after both and the game was over!  thank goodness it's only the preseason.  As for autographing the stadium is horrible for inside pregame at the tunnels security doesn't let you in the first row and the tunnel has a canopy down to the first row.  I was able to get some Alumni players here is who and what I got.
1) Pete Retzlaff - 3x5, Logo Sheet & 2 5x7.
2) Jon Runyan - 3x5 & Logo Sheet.
3) Greg Brown - 3x5, Logo Sheet & 2 5x7.
4) Ike Reese - 3x5 & Logo Sheet.
5) William Fuller Logo Sheet.
6) Mike Quick - 3 Cards.

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