Sunday, June 30, 2013

York @ Lancaster 6/30/2013

I went to Lancaster today for some pre-game autographing.  With York having a couple of new players Val Majewski and Mark Teahen I didn't have anything to do so figured it would be a good time to add them. The following is what I got signed:
1) Yoslan Herrera - 3x5 & Program.
2) Lenny DiNardo - 3 Programs & Sports Illustrated.
3) Jason Urquidez - Program.
4) Brett Tomko - 9 Cards & Program.
5) Mark Teahen - 4 Cards.
6) Pedro Liriano - a Card.
7) Val Majewski - 4 Cards.
8) Eric Patterson - 3x5.
9) Cody Johnson - Ticket Stub.

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  1. Hey. Great Blog. My name is Kevin and I am an intrepid autograph buyer/seller. I had been scammed earlier this year by John Olson one of the main forgers involved with the operation bullpen scandal. I have been spreading the word to autograph forums and blogs with the hope of keeping him from getting money from even more people. I have left a link to my blog it is the 2nd entry if you decide you want to help get the word out please let me know.