Thursday, January 24, 2013

2013 Hanover sports night

Last night I went to the 24th annual Hanover sports night.  It was at a new place the S.A.V.E.S bldg in Hanover PA nice new place, same program local high school student athletes get some awards a few words from the celebrity guests and a meal.  There was really only one celebrity that I wanted his autograph and that was Walt Williams he was very nice and signed a nice size pile of 15 basketball cards and the program.  As for the rest Roy Hilton the ex Balt. Colt player was a no show, Mark Mason from the York Revolution got him on the Program, Logan Schuchart sprint car driver got him on a 3x5 and the program and the last was Steve Aird Penn State Volleyball Women's coach and form player @ PSU. Not a great line-up but was worth going just for Walt Williams!

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