Sunday, August 19, 2012

LLWS @ Williamsport

I went upto the Little League World Series yesterday mainly to try and get autos from the ESPN people and Dick Vitale. Got most of who went up for but no Orel Hershiser or John Kruk this year. Could have gotten Brian Jordan asked him in the stadium he said he couldn't because he was sign @ the museum, wasn't going to pay $5 to get in and then buy his childrens book.  Here is who and what I got:
1) Kyle Peterson - a Card & 3x5.
2) Nomar Garciaparra - 2 Cards, 8x10 & a Ball (Sweet Spot & ROY 97)
3) Dick Vitale - 2 8x10 & 3x5.
4) Chris McKendry - 8x10 & 3x5.
5) Karl Ravech - 3x5. 
6) Mitch Williams - 3x5.


  1. Nomah, very nice and Wild Thing, Baby!! Nice gets.

  2. By any chance, is the Nomar sweetspot available for trade?