Saturday, April 28, 2012

Washington Redskins Draft Party

I made the trip to DC today for the annual Draft Day party since the Ravens have decided a Draft day party is not neccesary figured I go to someones.  Was not a great day autograph wise which is the only reason I really go to these events.  The hand listed 15 current and former players on the website and in the informational package for the event and it said to MEET them??? which was kinda hard since they had no scheduled activities to actually meet anyone that was there unless you where a kids club member (I'm not) or in there WOW-Women of Washington club (I'm not). So if you were a guy the only way was to try and get to the players on the field after the interview was done and that was only 6 players 3 each @ noon and 3PM. The only other station that had players was for a Kidney Walk or something which was set up by the organization and not the Redskins but they did have 2 players for an hour signing. So here is who I did get one way or another.
1) Anthony Armstrong (Current Player) - 2 8x10's
2) Brig Owens (Alumni Player) - a Card & 8x10
3) Darrell Young (Current Player)- 2 8x10's
4) Reed Doughty (Current Player)- 3x5 & Flyer
5) Larry Michael (Comcast Sportsnet)- 3x5
6) "Doc" Walker (Alumni Player)- 3x5 
7) Chief Zee (Superfan) - 3x5

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