Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Baltimore Ravens training camp 8/10/2010.

I went to training camp today because it was BFA (Baltimore Football Alumni) day so figured would at least get a few old timers if not any current players. It was not a bad autograph day during the morning session got all the autos for the day which also included former players now in the media who were at camp for the day. The afternoon seesion was a complete bust not one autograph but did catch a Curtis Steele (RB) glove so it wasn't a complete waste. Here is who I got:
1) Tony Siragusa (Fox Sports) - 1 3x5 card & a hat.
2) Jim Miller (Sirius Sports) - 1 3x5 card.
3) Ross Tucker (Sirius Sports) 1 3x5 card.
4) Erin - 1 Cheerleader card & a team picture.
5) Megan - a team picture.
6) Lindsay - a team picture.
7) Anquan Boldin - A Card & an 8x10.
8) Derrick Mason - A Card.
9) Justin Harper - 2 Cards.
10) Wilbert Montgomery - 2 Cards.
11) Jason Brooks - 3x5 card.
12) Cam Cameron - 3x5 card.
13) Greg Mattison - 3x5 card.
14) Chuck Pagano - 3x5 card.
BFA Members Ravens/Colts:
15) Lenny Moore a card.
16) Jim Cheyunski - 3x5 card.
17) Roy Hilton - 3x5 card.
18) Kyle Richardson - 3x5 card.
19) Howard Stevens - 3x5 card.
20) Steven Williams - 3x5 card.


  1. He seems to be one of a few that actual likes to sign and has signed almost every day i've been there yesterday he signed after doing a sirius radio interview. as did Tony Siragusa but there were others that did the interview but didn't sign (Birk, Ngata, Oher & Heap).