Monday, June 14, 2010

Richmond Flying Squirrels @ Reading Phils

Went to the 9:35 am breakfast game in Reading this morning a Richmond (S.F Giants affiliate)7-2 win. I got the following autographs:
1) Russ Morman - 6 Cards.
2) Ross Grimsley a Card.
3) Craig Clark a 3x5 card.
4) Rafael Cova a 3x5 card.
5) Tony Pena Jr. - 2 8x10's.
6) Wilmin Rodriguez a 3x5 card.
7) Andy Sisco - 5 Cards & a 8x10.
8) Jake Stevens - 3 Cards.
9) Clayton Tanner a 3x5 card.
10) Daniel Turpen a 3x5 card.
11) Craig Whitaker a 3x5 card.
12) Matt Klimas a Card.
13) Juan Ciriaco a 3x5 card.
14) Conor Gillaspie a 3x5 card.
15) Darren Ford a 3x5 card.
16) Clay Timpner a 3x5 card.
17) Lee Smith a Card.
18) Jason Anderson a Card.
19) John Ennis - 4 Cards.
20) Sergio Escalona - 3 Cards.
21) Josh Fogg - 6 Cards.
22) Tagg Bozied a Card.
Will post the pictures of items later.


  1. Is Lee always hanging around the Squirrels? Still need him on an O's card.

    Another great haul, Dion!

  2. Lee Smith is the Roving Pitching instructor and was in Reading for the weekend it's hit or miss as to when or where he will show up I'd say if your going to see them bring something.

  3. Cool, I will probably see them in Bowie sometime again this season. Thanks Dion.