Friday, May 28, 2010

The Gracious Few Concert 5/27/2010

Went to the 1st concert by The Gracious Few which is made up of members of Live (Chad Taylor-guitar, Chad Gracey-drums & Patrick Dahlheimer-Bass) and Candlebox (Kevin Martin-Vocals & Sean Hennesy-guitar) was a great show all were cool came back into the bar and hung out after the show got the following autographs.
1) Sean Hennesy - The Gracious Few picture.
2) Kevin Martin - The Gracious Few Picture, Candlebox "Happy Pills" cd and booklet.
3) Chad Taylor - Live cd's "Mental Jewelry" cd & booklet, "Throwing Copper" cd & booklet,
"Secret Samadhi" cd & booklet & The Gracious Few picture also got 3 picks.
4) Chad Gracey - Live "Secret Samadhi" cd & booklet, The Gracious Few picture & Drumstick
from show signed.
5) Patrick Dahlheimer - Live cd's "Mental Jewelry" cd & Booklet, "Throwing Copper" cd &
booklet, "Secret Samadhi" cd & booklet, The Gracious Few Picture.

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  1. Cool they were humble enough to give out their autographs! I didn't know Kevin listens to Alberta Cross. Said so in his interview. Crazy!!